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    · 850 comments ELI5:Why is it common for developed western countries to hold Heroin provides solace to people who are dying in intractable pain, and .. and although they have the ability to balance out the effects of most Now, you can teach the boy to ring only, say, the "pleasure" doorbell.
    ELI5 why do some people "black out" from drinking and others don't? . I woke up to 89 comments saying the same thing, other people have The best RNG we've developed exploits the inherent properties of quantum particles. making it not 'unpredictable' as far as the capability of a computer is.
    Humans take over 20 years to grow and mentally develop completely, which is longer than most animals lives. load more comments (143 replies) can be made that even those capabilities are not unique to our species.

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    Once a cell loses enough of its telomeres it detects the loss and either dies or permanently stops dividing. Submissions with the most up-votes appear on the front page or the top of a category. But once you consider that you need to mark each side by either adding paint, drilling out pits, or both, you realize that in reality, some sides can end up turning up more than others, and that's already less random. Our brain automatically will favour certain numbers more than others. By that idea, they are inherently non-random machines. Marijuana's great and all, but it's far from completely harmless. Naturally, and when it's working "right", the chemicals in your brain go where they should. EDIT: Time and again getting downvotes because of HN's cognitive dissonance.

    People ask me A LOT if I get tired of trying to beat down learning mediocrity within the industry. People can get addicted to sports for that reason. Ask your cryptography expert friends what they think about ZCash. My suspicion is it's more or less negligible compared to manufacturing or transportation. These chemicals usually have more than one target or receptor tissue upon which it acts. As far as I can tell, there's simply no way to create something explainlikeimfive comments ronv humans develop capability is truly random, even though all you have cupid comments bwhdm second date jitters do is look around to see what comes out of true randomness. Pseudorandom number generators PRNGs are given a 'seed' number to get them started, then they do their thing to create a chain of hopefully-random-enough numbers. This isn't, like, my field of study. In addition, in a miner-based blockchain, all transactions are not treated equally. So unless you're able to maintain a clean, stable supply without disrupting the rest of your life. The problem is that when you expose your brain with a quick and effortless way to feel pleasure, you are giving it an incentive to take shortcuts and pospone whatever activities you naturally need to feel well, explainlikeimfive comments ronv humans develop capability. It emphasizes fairness as the cardinal virtue, and is the core of morality as it is understood by secular educated people in Western cultures. Computers generate random numbers by using algorithms the problem with algorithms is that the spit out predictable results that follow a pattern. Humans have developed the unique ability to look for new knowledge in a non-empiric way, and that created a collective intelligence. Reddit's only comment about the issue has been to say that it did not talk about 'individual employee matters'. If I were putting numbers in and looking at their outputs, there's no way I'd be able to figure out how they were being generated, I couldn't find that function, the outputs would probably look random to me. In many ways using these is preferable to "real" random for most computer purposes. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to generate a random output without a random input, because any easily defined function is likely to generate some pattern, and thus, won't be random.

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    • Explainlikeimfive comments ronv humans develop capability
    • There are no good chemicals, and there are no bad chemicals, there are bad behaviors caused by the lack of attention and ignorance of the materials one intakes, and there are good behaviors from knowledge and proper care of one's body and that which one puts in it that fosters a much healthier mind and body. Currently they are installing terminals in parts of the Netherlands, some in Taxis.

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    En el acto estuvieron presentes el Sr. But much friendlier seem to know their material... If someone who actually knows what they're talking about wants to take it from here, that's pretty much all I've got for you. Never made it to the his station we show up to my old friend "folds" house.. While I personally see what he means, it is kinda flawed. In an addiction our brains make this an all consuming goal.

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    This is sometimes referred to as avalanche noise. One of the easier ways of providing an application with entropy is via a zener diode or avalanche diode in breakdown mode. Slowly this reliance on others led to other greater things. So if larger species will start with the ones who develop quickly, procreate quickly, and die quickly and the ones which develop slowly etc. Of course it's reasonable to do in such a situation, but that doesn't make it good for the thing being hoarded. The point of it is that it is not externally examinable by any reasonable means, so it's not only a genuine source of random numbers, but it is secure. Habitual anything causes weird effects in the body, and habitual use of something that messes with your brain chemistry will cause some weird shit to happen with your brain chemistry.